The adventures of Nigel Crowson

working musician.

Nigel Crowson has played guitar for over 40 years, the last 10 years he´s played purely acoustic guitar, with folk band "Klonakilty", and acoustic band "Mostly Harmless"
N0w he`s living in Germany and plays in 3 Projects.


GIGS 2016

"Crowson & Creamer"
2, Sept. Gasthaus zum Salmen
Start 19:00 Uhr

"Crowson & Creamer"
3,Sept. Christel´s Wuhrloch Park
Neuenburg am Rhine.
Start 19.00 Uhr




"Crowson & Creamer"

Thats me and Gisi Creamer.
We both sing and both play guitar,

"Mangold & Crowson"

Me and young Marion have been playing together for four years now.
We play Rock, Blues, Folk, and covers.

"Chris & Crowson"

This band is a collaboration between me and Chris. We play Blues, Rock n Roll, Rock and Folk. "Chris & Crowson" are a fun band for Party`s
Chris has been a pro for 50 years he's a great keyboard player . This band is expandable, we have contact with Drummers, bass players, backing singers, sax players. There are many gigs to come.

acoustic affinity.

"Mangold & Crowson"

This is purely acoustic. Marion is a fine singer and she speaks fluent English, We have done loads of gigs together and all is going great.
We are always working to extend our repertoire, that includes rock songs, folk songs, with two guitars and two voices.
"Mangold & Crowson" are a wise choice for private party`s, we play lots of kinds of music to suit everyones taste.
You can find more details on our website.
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